R. Dr. Augusto José da Cunha 3g, 1495-240 Algés


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“Tandoori Delights: Experience the sizzle of our clay oven, with tender meats, smoky flavors, and aromatic spices for a true taste sensation.”

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Located in the heart of Alges, our restaurant offers a cozy ambiance with picturesque views, inviting you to dine amidst serene surroundings.
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“Himalayan Fusion: Dive into a culinary journey, where bold spices, delicate herbs, and fresh ingredients meld for an unforgettable dining adventure.”
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“Step into our spacious dining hall, elegantly designed with traditional Indian-Nepalese decor, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for memorable gatherings.”

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Chicken and mushroom stewed with tomato, onion, coriander, ginger and spices Frango e cogumelos guisados com tomate, cebola, coentros, gengibre e especiarias

Chicken stewed with mango sauce, cream and spices Frango guisado c/ molho de manga, natas e especiarias

Chicken stewed with spinach, tomato, onion, ginger, coriander, cream and spices Frango guisado c/ espinafres, tomate, cebola, gengibre, contros, natas e especiarias

Meat stewed with potato, chili sauce and spices Carne guisada c/ molho de piriri, batata e especiaria

Some of our Special Food & Services

Popular Dishes

Chicken curry special fried with capsicum, ginger, …..

Vegan Cuisine

Fresh tomato, onion capsicum, cucumber mixed with various vegies

Himalayan Fused Cuisine

Fine bread of lentil (fried or roast) / Pão fino de lentilhas (frito ou grelhado)

Skilled Chefs

Masterful Indian chef with years of experience crafting authentic dishes. Bringing vibrant flavors and culinary

Door Delivery

prepared with the same artistry and delivered straight to your door. with delivery partner

Fine Dining

. Exquisite dishes, impeccable service, and an elegant ambiance await at our fine dining haven.

Happy Customers

Passionate Chefs

Favorite Dishes

Our Branches


Our Team

Our passionate team elevates your dining experience. Seasoned waiters, knowledgeable and attentive, guide you through our menu with a smile. Behind the scenes, our dedicated chefs, true culinary artists, meticulously craft each dish using fresh, seasonal ingredients. Together, they ensure an unforgettable fine-dining journey, from table to taste bud.

Perched atop the scenic hills of Algés, the Indian-Nepalese restaurant offers a culinary journey that transports diners to the vibrant streets of South Asia. This hidden gem, with its unassuming facade, surprises guests with a rich tapestry of flavors, aromas, and spices that define the region’s diverse cuisine.

As you step inside, the warm, inviting ambiance envelops you, setting the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. The restaurant’s decor blends traditional Indian and Nepalese elements, from intricate tapestries to colorful paintings depicting scenes of the Himalayas

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Elizete Frois

O novo espaço é muito acolhedor, e a comida continua surpreender pela positiva

Elizete Frois

pacific Guru

“Uma experiência inesquecível na Everest Montanha! O ambiente de tirar o fôlego tornou nossa aventura verdadeiramente especial. A nova localização adicionou um charme extra, proporcionando um cenário perfeito para criar memórias duradouras com amigos e família. Altamente recomendado este lugar para um tempo incrível cercado pela beleza da natureza.”

Pacific Guru

Brunna Silva

Tive sempre uma experiência incrível no Montanha Everest de Algés, sempre oferece uma deliciosa variedade de pratos nepaleses.

Brunna Silva

Arturo Ibarra
Arturo Ibarra
17 Junho 2024
The food is very good, but the service is excellent (too bad we can't give more than 5 stars)
Isabel Carvalho
Isabel Carvalho
28 Maio 2024
Comida excelente, ambiente requintado e acolhedor Serviço atencioso.
Beatriz Dias Baptista
Beatriz Dias Baptista
9 Maio 2024
Sou cliente habitual há mais de 10 anos, desde a antiga localização, e o staff sempre foi impecável. A comida é incrível, há sempre algo novo para experimentar, mas o que nunca falta são os garlic and cheese naan e o mango lassi. São obrigatórios! Recomendo muito vivamente